3Ds MAX Tutorials

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Learn how to model and animate simple gears inside 3Ds MAX with this tutorial.

Learn how to add post production blur inside Photoshop by using the V-Ray ZDepth from 3Ds MAX.

In this tutorial we will create and render a simple modified 3D Text without using any plugins.

Learn how to create animated synchronized music bars inside 3Ds MAX by using Audio Controllers in the Track View - Curve Editor.

Ever wanted to create pillows for your V-Ray interior renders? In this video tutorial we will learn how to create pillows by using the Garment Maker modifier and the Cloth modifier.

Learn how to create a CD/DVD in 3Ds MAX by using the power of Multi/Sub-Object materials in this step by step tutorial. After this tutorial you will know how to assign different materials to different parts of 3D objects.

Learn how to create realistic grass inside 3Ds MAX with this step-by-step tutorial using only a few modifiers to achieve stunning results. This tutorial does not require any plugin.

In this 3Ds MAX tutorial we will learn how to create a nice glow shader material and how to render it with mental ray. You can use the glow material onto any object but we will apply it to a custom text in this tutorial. We will also learn how to create a water material to reflect our text and glow.

Learn how to create a computer cooling fan inside 3Ds MAX using some basic modeling techniques in this step by step tutorial.


 Learn the basics of cloth simulation in 3Ds MAX to create a nice looking tablecloth. This tutorial is really simple, even beginners can do it and it creates nice results. We will learn to use the Garment Maker modifier to create our cloth geometry, the Cloth modifier and how to fix problems that occur after the simulation.

 In this tutorial you will learn how to create a desert looking scene and how to render it with V-Ray. Also we will talk about some of the settings of the V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Physical Camera. After following this tutorial you will know everything about the basics of V-Ray Daylight rendering with V-Ray Sun & Sky.

Learn how to render glass objects into 3Ds MAX with V-ray. Also how to set up HDRI images and how to achieve realistic renders with global illumination.

Create a wineglass in 3Ds MAX using reference images, the Line tool and the Lathe modifier. This part covers the setup of reference images in 3Ds MAX and the modeling of the wineglass.

Learn how to create awesome logos for your website or signatures in 3Ds MAX with references of 2D images by using the Line tool and the Bevel modifier. With the technique presented in this tutorial you can learn how to create your own custom logos and how to make 2D lines into 3D objects.

Learn how to make a wonderful looking water drop scene in 3Ds MAX using the Lathe modifier and the Edit Poly modifier. You can fake the motion of water drops in 3Ds MAX without using any other plugins by following this technique.

3Ds MAX Eye Modeling & Rigging

Ever wanted to create those awesome looking eyes that the characters in Pixar or Dreamworks movies got? Well in this tutorial you can learn how to model and rig
those kind of eyes without using any other plugins.

3D Abstract Wallpaper in 3Ds MAX & Vray 

Learn how to create awesome wallpapers for your desktop by using Particle Flow inside 3Ds MAX, how to render the particles with V-ray and how to composite everything inside Photoshop to add color to the final result.

Learn how to fake the human motion using the ragdoll script in 3Ds MAX. You can have fun for hours with this script and achieve realistic results of your characters interaction with the environment.

Create the thousand arrow scene from the movie 300 using particles and instanced geometry for arrows. Learn how to manipulate particles how to make them interact with geometry and how to render everything with Mental Ray into a nice looking environment with terrain and Sun.

Learn how to make your own backgrounds using this method of creating abstract wallpapers in 3Ds MAX. In this tutorial I covered the modification of spheres, adding lights to objects, adding nice looking textures with reflections and rendering the glow in Mental-Ray.

Ever wanted to create destructible environment in your Counter Strike frag movies? Here is your chance! In this tutorial you will learn how to fragment map parts and how to fake explosions using RayFire and FumeFX all inside 3Ds MAX.

Learn how to create an awesome looking AK-47 bullet inside 3Ds MAX using the Lather modifier and some basic editing of polygons.

This tutorial explains how to add the Counter Strike 1.6 maps inside 3Ds MAX. Many people have been asking for this tutorial so I tried my best to explain the workflow of importing maps into 3Ds MAX and some of the mental-ray settings that I use for rendering these maps for nice looking results.

Learn how to create sketch effects for every 3D object that you like using a pretty basic shader. You will also learn how to add backgrounds to your renders and how to change the outlines or your 3D objects renders.

In this tutorial you will learn how to manipulate a sphere in order to create a virus looking microscopic render by using some Standard materials with some basic options. This tutorial also covers some of the basics of Particle Flow in order to spread geometry on objects in a matter of seconds.