Jul 3, 2012

Turn your photos into sketches with Photoshop

Turn your photos into sketches in seconds with this tutorial:

Jessica Alba sketch done with this tutorial technique

Gerard Butler sketch done with this tutorial technique

Original image:

 Tutorial result:


Hello and welcome to another Photoshop tutorial. Today we will learn how to turn any image into a nice looking sketch as you can see above. This tutorial is short, it has a few simple steps and I think that you won't have any problems following it. I'm using a photo of Angelina Jolie but you can use any image even if it doesn't represent a portrait.

So let's get started

Step 1: Open your image in Photoshop

 Step 2: Duplicate your Background layer

To duplicate the Layer use CTRL+J shortcut or right click your Background layer and choose Duplicate image. Rename this layer Desaturate:

Step 3: Desaturate the duplicated layer

Press SHIFT+CTRL+U on your keyboard to desaturate our duplicated layer (Desaturate Layer). You should end up with a black and white image:

 Step 4: Duplicate the desaturated layer

Press CTRL+J to duplicate the desaturated layer and rename this layer Invert:

Step 5: Invert the colors inside the new layer

Press CTRL+I to invert the colors inside the Invert layer:

 Step 6: Set the inverted layer to Color Dodge

With the Invert layer selected, change its Blending mode to Color Dodge. This should turn all or most of your image to white:

Step 7:  Apply a Gaussian Blur to the Invert layer

Inside the top menu go to Filter > Blur  > Gaussian Blur and apply a blur of 8 pixels (depends on your image):

 We can stop here if we are happy with the result or try to emphasize the effect a bit and add more shadows to the image. See the step below:

Step 8 (optional):  Emphasize the sketch effect

Duplicate the Desaturate layer and move it on top of all our layers, set Layer Style to Pin Light
and lower the Opacity to 70% (depends on image) and you can also play with the Fill % under Opacity to achieve the result you like:

 And that's all, now you can turn every image that you want into a sketch! Hope this tutorial helped. Feel free to comment or ask any question about this tutorial into the comment section below.

See you next time with another tutorial !

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