May 27, 2012

Making of 3D Waterdrop in 3Ds MAX

Hello! In this tutorial I wanted to show you how to create a realistic looking waterdrop created only in 3Ds MAX and rendered with V-ray.
There are some professional software that create water based on a simulation of particles, the mesh being created from the particles (for example Realflow is a software that does water and gas simulations), but you can achieve the water drop effect even in software like 3Ds MAX or C4D or Maya if you know how to fake the motion of it. As you can see below there is my final result of the tutorial and if you follow the steps closely you might get something similar to it. For the V-ray settings I used the V-ray Sample Scene settings that you can find on
with only HDRI lightning but you can add as many lights as you desire to achieve even better results.

Here is the video tutorial:

If you have any questions please post them in the youtube video or below
Thanks for watching! See you next time :)

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