Mar 29, 2011

3Ds MAX CS 1.6 FumeFX explosion

Hello again! I've made a video tutorial this time in which you can learn how to create a Fumefx explosion and how to fragment objects from any counter-strike 1.6 map, using the RayFire plugin. This tutorial is pretty well explained and it's not limited only to Counter Strike maps, you can use these techniques in other projects as well.

For this tutorial you will need :
Autodesk 3Ds MAX
Sitni Sati FumeFX (plugin for 3Ds MAX)
RayFire (plugin for 3Ds MAX)

To learn how to import & render the map use the following tutorial: CS maps into 3Ds MAX . In this tutorial we will render only the actual FumeFX explosion (with Default Scanline Renderer). You will need to composite both sequences in another program (ex: Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, etc.) to get the final result

Tutorial part 1:

Tutorial part 2:

If you have any question about this tutorial please post it in the comment section. Make sure that you check the other tutorials as well. Thanks for watching, see you next time with another tutorial.

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