Sep 25, 2012

V-Ray ZDepth

Tutorial difficulty: Easy
Time required to complete: ~ 5min
Category: Rendering - Post Production

Hello and welcome to another 3Ds MAX Tutorial ! In this one we will learn how to use the V-Ray ZDepth to add post production blur to our renders inside Photoshop.

Tutorial result:

Note: This tutorial does not cover any rendering settings, if you wish to learn about V-Ray rendering please visit this tutorial:

Creating a Wineglass: Rendering with V-Ray

So let's get started:

Step 1: Open your scene inside 3D Studio MAX, create a Camera from your favorite angle (shortcut CTRL+C):

Step 2: Press F10 to bring up the Render Setup and go to Render Elements. Press on the Add... button and
choose VRayZDepth from the list then hit OK:

Step 3: Now you can render your Camera View and after the render is finished the ZDepth render will also appear into a new box. Make sure you save both images (I used .PNG).

Step 4: Open your render inside Photoshop:

Step 5: Duplicate the Layer and apply a Mask to it:

Step 6: Now Open the ZDepth Render and CTRL+CLICK on the layer to select it, then Copy (CTRL+C) it into the Clipboard. You can then close the ZDepth render.

Step 7: Go inside the Render, go to Channels (next to Layers) and paste this ZDepth inside the Layer Mask:

Step 8: Head back to Layers and press CTRL+D to deselect everything. Your layers need to look like this:

Step 9: Make sure you are inside the masked layer and go to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur:

Step 10: Inside Lens Blur make sure that your Preview is on. Then change the Source to Layer Mask and play with the Blur Focal Distance values and the Radius. When you like the result hit OK:

Step 11: Back to the Layers you won't see any change. That's because we need to Delete the Layer Mask. To do that Right Click on the Layer > Delete Layer Mask:

Step 12: After you delete the mask you will be able to see the blur applied to your render:

Final result:

So that's it, hope it helped!
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See you next time!

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