Jul 10, 2012

Creating custom buttons in Photoshop

Hello and welcome to another Photoshop Tutorial. Today we will learn how to create some custom shiny buttons that we can use in websites like the ones you see below:

Shiny buttons created with this tutorial technique

So let's get started!

Step 1: Open Photoshop, create a New File and fill our Background with Black:

Step 2: Create a New Layer, select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and by pressing Shift drag a perfect circle:

Step 3: Fill the selection with White color (shorcut CTRL+Backspace if the colors are Black as foreground and White as background or Alt+Backspace if they are reversed). Press CTRL+D to deselect then Right Click the Circle layer, go to Blending Options and change the following settings like in the images:

Drop Shadow:

Outer Glow:

Inner Glow:

Gradient Overlay:

Step 4: Create a New Layer and CTRL+Click on Layer 1 (the circle layer) to make a selection of the circle:

Step 5: Fill this selection with White (CTRL+Backspace or Alt+Backspace):

Step 6: Press CTRL+D to deselect and move this white circle like in the image below:

Step 7:  Press CTRL+Click again on Layer 1 to make a Selection of the blue circle:

Step 8: Press SHIFT+CTRL+I to Select Inverse and hit Delete on your keyboard to get rid of the excess part:

Step 9: Press CTRL+D to deselect everything and lower the Opacity of this white circle Layer to 18%:

Step 10: CTRL+Click the Layer 1 (blue circle) again to make a selection of it. Create a New Layer and select a Soft Brush (200 px) and add a Highlight in the top-left part as you can see in the image:

Step 11: Lower this highlight Layer Opacity to 80%:

Step 12: Create a New Layer, I renamed it Symbol and by selecting the Custom Shape Tool (U) choose your desired shape from the list and by holding Shift create your simbol with White:

Move the shape to the center part of the circle:

Step 13: Right click the Symbol Layer, go to Blending Options and change the following:

Outer Glow (color pure white):

Stroke (color pure black):

And that's it ! We're done. We have learned how to create a shiny looking button in Photoshop by using some simple Blending Options and Layer Styles:

Feel free to comment, add your results or ask any question about this tutorial in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and I will see you next time with another tutorial !

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